World Oil Traders is a leading global fuel supplier company, principally engaged in the marketing, sale and distribution of aviation, marine, land fuel, related products and services. World Oil Traders Physical Commodity Suppliers: Crude Oil, D2 Diesel Fuel, JET A1, Mazut M-100, JP54, EN590 Diesel, LNG, LPG, D6 Diesel Bunker Fuel, Fuel Oil 380 CST.

Petrochemical Supplier Operations Procedures:

  1. The first step is a formal LOI from the buyer and Company Profile (CP).
  2. Supplier has conference call with buyer to discuss Price, Procedures & Logistics in detail.
  3. Seller issue Soft Corporate Offer.
  4. Buyer issues and releases to Seller Full ICPO with logistics information.
  5. Seller will then issue a SPA / Contract
  6. Buyer issues Proof of Funds
  7. Seller accepts and returns signed ICPO with CI – Commercial Invoice. Buyer sign CI and send it back within 24 hours and returns it to Seller. Seller provides to Buyer the below Partial Proof of Product documents via email:

a. Corporate Invoice.
b. Authorization to verify (ATV)
c. Passport Product Analysis
d. Certified Product Specification Sheet
e. Certificate of Origin
f. Tank Storage Receipt
g. Title Ownership Certificate with all PPOP Export Documents
h. Refinery Confirmation, Availability and Commitment to Supply

  1. Buyer issue after PPOP verification Information by SWIFT MT 199 to seller’s bank that: Buyer’s bank make payment by MT103 after Q&Q – Quality and Control certificate in loading port seller.
  2. After SWIFT confirming Seller issue to Buyer

a. Dip Test Authorization
b. Authorization to Inject.

  1. Buyer makes payment MT103 to Seller.
  2. After payment verification Seller start injection to Buyer vessel and transfer title holder.

Operations Procedures Alternative Petrochemical Product Supply

1.Seller issues FCO & CP to buyer

2.Buyer issues ICPO & CP.

3.Seller issues Draft Contract with Commercial Invoice to Buyer.  Buyer signs and returns both to Seller for final endorsement.

  1. Seller charter and sign charter agreement, seller provides vessel information to buyer, so buyer can arrange for port of nominated vessel (i.e: Rotterdam port), if product is in Shore tanks in Russia already, then seller should provide vessel information for loading, which has been cleared. (**Note:- The Buyer will make a final decision to provide Subject Vessels Q88/CPA/ATV) details and require the seller to provide the Shore Tank TAS/TSR/ATI/ATV, immediately after being issued the DTA by the Seller.

5.Seller issues ATBV for Vessel or Shore Tank Receipt and DTA, so SGS (Or equivalent) can conduct a Dip Test Inspection and take samples for Buyer.

6. Buyer pays within (48) hours of successful SGS (Or equivalent) report being issued for the fuel by MT103.

7. Seller issues product title of ownership and all export documentation and transfers Fuel into Buyers name (“And/Or Their Nominees/Assign’s”) and into Buyers approved Shore Tank Storage Facility and/or the Buyer directly into their Vessel and has the Vessel Re-Routed to the Buyers desired destination port i.e. Rotterdam.

  1. After both parties sign & seal the original hard-copy contract, buyer will order their bank to issue the Seller a DLC / SBLC within two banking days in the amount of the value of __________ MT/Gallons for the first shipment delivery Quantity in favor of the Seller.

9. Seller sends next shipment to Russian Port, in accordance to the Laycan Schedule shown in the Contract.

10. After successful testing at Loading Port, Buyer pays Seller via MT103/23, and the SBLC MT760 stays in place for next weeks delivery with a minimum validity of 365 Days Plus 1 Day.

Documents Presented For Payment:

10.1 A full set clean, shipped on board, ocean bill of lading, blank endorsed, blank Order, marked “Freight Prepaid” including SBLC SWIFT MT760 No. in three originals and three copies.

10.1 A full set of clean POP.

  1. Vessel details, IMO Q88
  2. CPA- Charter Party agreement CPA
  3. Fresh SGS from vessel at Loading port
  4. DTAOB- Dip test authorization on Board vessel for Rotterdam port waters

DTAOB- Dip test authorization on Board vessel 

  1. ATB- Authority to Board ATB
  2. B/L cargo manifest
  3. Certificate of authenticity
  4. Certificate of quality
  5. Certificate of quantity
  6. Certificate of origin
  7. Tanker Ullage receipt
  8. Master’s receipt for sample
  9. Master receipt for documents

Unless otherwise stipulated in this Contract, the terms and conditions of this Contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the “International Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms” (INCOTERMS 2000) provided by International Chamber of Commerce, International Chamber Commerce China Committee Publication No.460.


  1. Copy of License to export
  2. Copy of Approval to Export                                
  3. Copy of Statement of Availability        
  4. Vessel details, IMO Q88                           
  5. CPA- Charter Party agreement
  6. Fresh SGS from vessel at loading port, re-make SGS/CIQ Inspection at discharge port
  7. DTAOB- Dip test authorization on Board vessel for Rotterdam port waters
  8. ATB- Authority to Board
  9. B/L cargo manifest                               
  10. Certificate of authenticity                    
  11. Certificate of quality                            
  12. Certificate of quantity                       
  13. Certificate of origin                          
  14. Tanker Ullage receipt                               
  15. Master’s receipt for sample                     
  16. Master receipt for documents