Bunker fuel or bunker crude is technically any type of fuel oil used aboard vessels. Named from the tanks on ships and in ports that it is stored in; they are bunker fuel tanks.

Since the 1980s the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has been the accepted standard for marine fuels (bunkers). The standard is listed under number 8217, with recent updates in 2005 and 2010. The standard divides fuels into residual and distillate fuels.


VD6 Virgin Bunker Fuel Suppliers

World Oil TradersTrusted fuel suppliers of petrochemical products and derivatives:

  • M100/Fuel Oil GOST 10585-75/99/2013
  • D6 Virgin Diesel Bunker Fuel
  • D2 Diesel Fuel/EN 590 GOST R 52368-2005
  • D2 Gasoil L0.2/62 GOST 305-82
  • Fuel Oil 380 CST
  • Jet Fuel (JP54)/Aviation Kerosene
  • #95 Octane
  • Crude Oil (Heavy & Light)
  • Russian Export Blend Crude Oil R.E.B.C.O. GOST 51858-2002
  • Jet A1
  • LNG
  • LPG

D6 Diesel Standards and Classification

CCAI and CII are two indexes which describe the ignition quality of residual fuel oil, and CCAI is especially often calculated for marine fuels.

Despite this marine fuels are still quoted on the international bunker markets with their maximum viscosity (which is set by the ISO 8217 standard – see below) due to the fact that marine engines are designed to use different viscosities of fuel.

The unit of viscosity used is the Centistoke and the d6 fuel most frequently quoted are listed below in order of cost, the least expensive first-

* IFO 380 – Intermediate d6 fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of 380 Centistokes
* IFO 180 – Intermediate d6 fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of 180 Centistokes
* LS 380 – Low-sulphur (<1.5%) intermediate d6 fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of 380 Centistokes
* LS 180 – Low-sulphur (<1.5%) intermediate d6 fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of 180 Centistokes
* MDO – Marine diesel oil.
* MGO – Marine gasoil.

Bunker Fuel d6
Bunker Fuel d6

World Oil Traders leading global fuel supplier company principally engaged in the marketing, sale and distribution of aviation, marine and land fuel and related products and services on a worldwide basis.


D6 Virgin Bunker Diesel Fuel Oil Suppliers Rotterdam….

World Oil Traders supplies Physical Commodity: Crude Oil, D6, D2 Low Sulphur Diesel, Kerosene JET A1, Mazut M-100, Bio Fuels, EN590 road Diesel, LNG, LPG, D6 Bunker Fuel to the following ports:

  1. Shanghai, China
  2. Shenzhen, China
  3. Hong Kong, S.A.R., China
  4. Ningbo-Zhoushan, China
  5. Qingdao, China
  6. Guangzhou Harbor, China
  7. Busan, South Korea
  8. Tianjin, China
  9. Rotterdam, Netherlands
  10. Singapore
  11. Antwerp, Belgium
  12. Houston, Texas, United States of America
  13. Hamburg, Germany
  14. Felixstowe, U.K.
  15. Laem Chabang, Thailand
  16. Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  17. Port Klang, Malaysia
  18. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  19. Santos, Brazil
  20. Manila, Philippines
  21. Ambarli, Turkey
  22. Tanger Med, Morocco
  23. Valencia, Spain
  24. Hanshin Ports, Japan
  25. Port Said East, Egypt
  26. Piraeus, Greece
  27. Ambarli, Turkey
  28. Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, Indonesia
  29. Salalah, Oman


Method Units 方法 Test 测试 Result 结果 Unit 单位
ASTM D5002 Density and Relative

Density of Crude Oils密度D6柴油

Average API Gravity 平均API重力

29.7 (29.7) (Min) API
ASTM D1298-99 Density @15 Deg C 密度 0.87 (0.8775) (Max) Kg/t
ASTM D97 Pour Point 凝点

Pour Point 凝点

< -27.4 (-32.8)




ASTM D93-IP34 Pensky-Martens Closed 密封闪点

Cup Flash Point

Corrected Flash Point   矫正闪点

117 (137) (MIN) °F
ASTM D4294 Sulfur Content in Petroleum Products by EDXRF Sulfur Content 硫含量 0.38(0.35) (MAX) Wt%
ASTM D445 Kinematic/Dynamic Viscosity

Kinematic Viscosity @ 122°F / 50°C


17.83(18.12) (MAX) Mm2/s
ASTM D6304 Water Content by Coulometric

Karl Fisher Titration

Water Content水含量

0.20 (0.7) (MAX) Wt%
ASTM D482 Ash from Petroleum Products

Average Ash灰分

0.279 (1.007) (MAX) Wt%
ASTM D6161 Conversion of Kinematic Viscosity

To SUS/SFS 1Saybolt furoi

viscosity 122°F 粘度

10.9SFS (MAX)
ASTM D5184 Aluminum and Silicon in Fuel Oils


Aluminum Content   铝含量Silicon Content         硅含量

102 (MAX)

93 (MAX)



ASTM D95 Water by Distillation, Vol% 蒸馏水 0.70 (MAX) Vol%
ASTM D4530.06 Carbon Residue 炭渣 1.11 (MAX) Wt%
IP 143 Asphlteness Heptane lnsolubles
Asphaltene Content 沥青 0.08 Wt%
IP 501 Determination of AL,Si,V,Ni,Fe,Na,Ca,Zn,P in Fuel Oil-ICPES
Aluminium                  铝

Silicon                        硅

Sodium                       钠

Vanadium                    钒

Calcium                      钙

Zinc                            锌

Phosphorus                  磷

Iron                            铁

















Table of fuel oils
Name Alias Alias Type Chain length
No. 1 fuel oil No. 1 distillate No. 1 diesel fuel Distillate 9-16
No. 2 fuel oil No. 2 distillate No. 2 diesel fuel Distillate 10-20
No. 3 fuel oil No. 3 distillate No. 3 diesel fuel Distillate
No. 4 fuel oil No. 4 distillate No. 4 residual fuel oil Distillate/Residual 12-70
No. 5 fuel oil No. 5 residual fuel oil Heavy fuel oil Residual 12-70
No. 6 fuel oil No. 6 residual fuel oil Heavy fuel oil Residual 20-70