For example, prices rose in 1895 after a cholera epidemic led to production cuts in Baku, Azerbaijan, and dropped to a record low in 1931 as demand plummeted during the Great Depression.


Crude oil contains hundreds of different types of hydrocarbons all mixed together and, depending on the source of the crude oil, different impurities. In order to produce petrol, diesel or any other oil-based products, the hydrocarbons have to be separated, by refining of one type or another:

Different hydrocarbon chain lengths all have progressively higher boiling points the longer the chain, so they can all be separated by a process known as fractional distillation.

During the process, crude oil is heated in a distillation column, and the different hydrocarbon chains are extracted as a vapour according to their vaporization temperatures and then re-condensed.

World Oil Traders – History of Oil Prices

World Oil TradersTrusted fuel suppliers of petrochemical products and derivatives:

  • M100/Fuel Oil GOST 10585-75/99/2013
  • D6 Virgin Diesel Bunker Fuel
  • D2 Diesel Fuel/EN 590 GOST R 52368-2005
  • D2 Gasoil L0.2/62 GOST 305-82
  • Fuel Oil 380 CST
  • Jet Fuel (JP54)/Aviation Kerosene
  • #95 Octane
  • Crude Oil (Heavy & Light)
  • Russian Export Blend Crude Oil R.E.B.C.O. GOST 51858-2002
  • Jet A1
  • LNG
  • LPG